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18 Responses to Thank You For Requesting Our Newsletter

  1. andy lewi says:

    loves old cars

  2. Lesa Rasure says:

    I have loved cars all my life. I cannot explain why, but have always been fascinated by them. Older cars. They had personality. When I was younger, there would be no mistake about what make a car was. Now, it’s very hard to tell the difference. You have to look for the emblem. Some people spend much money on say a Mercedes. Driving down the road, it looks exactly the same as another car company that makes their offering much less expensive.
    Even the car I presently own is distinctive only because they are not produced anymore. But it is almost impossible to know what year model it is. I have seen several like mine, yet the year model may vary up to three years.
    All in all, if you pass a 1958 model car on the road, you will probably recognize it if you are old enough. That was a heavy year! But you also would easily know whether it was a Chevrolet, or a Buick…

  3. Michael Tuneburg says:


  4. did the 1954 met or any other mets have a luggage rack?

  5. Marty Weinberg says:

    Love old cars.

  6. David Arneson says:

    I am an old cars enthusiast. I love to read about all phases of the hobby. Thanks for signing me up!

  7. Jeff Van allen says:

    Worked there in 90′ when Chet was around. Buddy Redling was HR and Paul Brewer was my boss. I’ll never forget the ride down to Bloomington from Iola in Kenny’s (Editor) 57′ mint corvette 283 2x4bbl. Ah memories.

  8. Robert E Prince says:

    Love classic cars and want to learn more about restoration and preservation of old cars.

  9. Tom Downs says:

    Old cars bring back lots of memories.

  10. Anthony Gauntner says:

    All of us that love cars certainly appreciate your hard work & newsletter.

  11. Ed Martin says:

    You have to love older cars. They have style and personality. Today’s cars are miracles of their own, but something has been lost in the transition.

    Long live old cars!

  12. Ed Martin says:

    I was just trying to sign up for the free weekly email newsletter…. Any suggestions?

  13. Marvin Seay says:

    My first ride was a car from the 1930s. They don’t make cars that good and strong any more, even with modern technology.

  14. Larry Corbell says:

    Appreciate the opportunity to sign up – - thank you.

  15. Bob Edgren says:

    A very sad story. Best of luck in your recovery.

  16. dave durchenwald says:

    I can remember when most of these old cars were new…

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