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Model T never seems to go out of style

The Ford Model T was an immensely popular and beloved car. Rugged, adaptable and straightforward, it was useful as everything from a delivery vehicle to a station wagon to a pickup, not to mention a touring, a roadster and a coupe. The Model A was a better match to contemporary roads...

The Studebaker Lark: little and lovable, even today

What's so appealing about a Studebaker Lark? “It’s one of things that you really can’t get tired of,” according to one Lark owner. “Because it’s so different and so unique. It’s just one of those cars that you take one look at (and) you want to adopt it and take it...

Head for the Hill!

The Hershey Vintage Hillclimb brings out veteran and rookie drivers. In the end, you either conquered the hill or you became just another victim.

The smallest big Mack: The ED

Although not everything Mack has built over the years is a monster, the company has rarely produced a vehicle that could be considered less than serious. Allowing that “small” is a relative term when discussing trucks, the smallest of the E series is the ED that Mack brought out in 1938.