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Steve Green AMC Collection vehicles to be sold

More than 50 vehicles from the Steve Green AMC Collection will be sold at the Auto Fair at the Charlotte Motor Speedway this weekend. Also a look ahead to the Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach auction; the Worldwide Auctioneers' Houston Classic Auction; plus a review of top sellers at the McCormick Palm Springs Classic Car Auction...

Historic Hatchback

Kaiser's innovate Traveler and Vagabond models broke the mold in 1949-1950 with lift-up hatches and drop-down tailgates. The extra storage area appealed to consumers, but it was a bad time to sell cars.

1951-54 Henry J

As a way to continue profitability, Kaiser-Frazer Corporation sought to enter the small car field. The Henry J was the result, and like seemingly all K-F projects, it was surrounded with controversy.