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2009 Corvette builds peak below 17,000

      The production of 2009 Corvettes has ended. Total model-year production was 16,956 units. This included 8,737 Coupes, 3,343 Convertibles and 4,876 Z06 Corvettes including ZR1s. The number of Z06s built with the ZR1 option was 1,415 cars. Starting on September 28, the General Motors Bowling Green Corvette assembly plant suspended production. Sources said that the plant shutdown would continue over the next couple of weeks. Plant workers were scheduled to go back to work on October 19. Throughout most of the month of November, the plant will also be shutdown again. Area UAW President Eldon Renaud said that when operations are resumed on Nov. 30, more employee layoffs are expected. In possibly related news, Penske Automotive Group, Inc. an international automotive retailer, announced on Sept. 30 that it has terminated its discussions with General Motors to acquire the Saturn brand. Penske cited concerns over the future supply of vehicles beyond the supply period it had negotiated with GM. After the Penske announcement, it was reported that General Motors may have to lay off an additional 30,000 workers nationwide due to the Penske deal falling through.


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