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A Chevy Owl With Blinking Eyes

I spent the day walking around the convention center in Rosemont, Ill., checking out Chevrolets, Corvettes and Camaros. I had an interesting discusion with Tom Dietz of St. Charles, Ill., who collects Chevrolet dealership memorabilia. He had some great pieces dating back to an owl with blinking eyes that dates from 1929.

Tom has been collecting this type of stuff since the ’70s and says he really has a lot of it. Judging only from the stuff he dragged to the show, anyone would agree. He said he got started when he went to look at a ’63 Chevy that was for sale and the owner had a poster for the ’64 Chevys. He had talked the dealer out of it by saying he’d buy the car if the salesman threw in the poster.

Tom only collects Chevy stuff and says he never uses the Internet to find it. “I don’t have a computer and that’s the lazy man’s way to collect,” he said. So if you have anything Tom might be interested in, you will have to call him. His number is 377-3125. You’ll have to check the area code. Tom says they changed it since his card was printed.


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