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Well, I made it to the Hostetler Hudson Collection in Shipshewana, Ind., where the second annual Hudson Homecoming is taking place this weekend.

An amzing sight was seeing three postwar Hudson convertibles parked together, side by side, in the parking lot. Leading the parade was a ’51 ragtop owned by the Kennedy clan. That’s the Indianapolis Kennedys — not the Hyanis Port ones!

I remember a cover of the old CAR CLASSICS magazine (now called COLLECTOR CARS)featuring a burgundy Hudson convertible from Iowa. I fell in love with that particular cover car and figured it was so rare I’d never see one like it myself. And tonight I saw three similar cars in a row. This is going to be a fantastic weekend.

Events planned for Friday include a “Hudson Hundreth” celebration, the Heartland Tour, a cruise-in, a barbeque and ice cream social, musice and nighttime movie screenings. On Saturday there will be a Hudson Car Parade and a celebration banquet at which I’ll be giving a little chat about my career at Old Cars Weekly. Information about the event is available by calling (260) 768-3021 or emailing

I plan to arrive at the Hudson Homecoming Thursday night or Come on over and say hello and enjoy the show.


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