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Check Those Dates in Old Cars Weekly

When you are planning your show travel this year, check the dates carefully – AND DON’T RELY ON INTERNET LISTINGS!

I have found that there are many wrong show dates on the Internet. For instance, I was planning to go to the World of Wheels event in Green Bay and wanted to find the dates quickly, so I entered the name of the show in my search engine and got a page that said the show was at the end of March. Luckily, I double checked by contacting the show manager, Bob Ashton, and I found out that this show has been moved up this year. It will take place at the Brown County Arena’s Shopko Hall on March 7-9, rather than in late March.

There are many good and reliable places to find car show dates, but I truly believe that the Calendar of Events in Old Cars Weekly ( is the best in the hobby. The information is updated every week and all of the listings are sent in by show organizers themselves, rather than being picked up on the Internet.

If you enjoy car shows, you should have a subscription to Old Cars Weekly so you get up-to-date event listings every week.



2 thoughts on “Check Those Dates in Old Cars Weekly

  1. Paul Michulsky

    john, thanks for the heads up on the show in green bay. i live in de pere which is about 6 miles south of green bay.
    i recently picked up a copy of your book"race car flashback". it includes some great stories and photos of stock car racing at milwaukee and also usac in the mid 50’s to mid 60’s. i build 1/25th scale models of stock cars and am always in need of good reference material. i attended races at state fair park, illiana, soldiers field, o’hare stadium in the 50’s and 60’s. i moved from chicago to de pere in 1973.
    i was wondering if you have an address or an email address of phil hall, one of the contributors in your book. i have some questions about the zecol-lubaid fords that ran out of milwaukee in the usac circuit. i am active on a model car website and there is a big debate going on about what color the zecol fords were. there are several of us that saw the cars in person and think they were yellow, some guys down south insist that they were factory white.
    once again i am enjoying your book and would be grateful if you could help me with either phil hall’s address or if you possibly know the answer to the color question.
    thanks again,
    paul michulsky
    de pere, wi


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