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Did Foose Finish the '54?

One of the headline attractions at SEMA this year was auto restyler Chip Foose’s attempt to convert an old ’54 Ford sedan into a custom convertible during the show. I believe this had something to do with a TV show that broadcasts such projects, though don’t ask me for details on that. Personally, I rarely watch TV, because I’m too busy working on my own cars at night to sit in front of the “boob tube.” Sometimes I have the TV in my garage on, but it’s only for “company” . . . to hear a voice. I never really know what’s on. (I never really care, either).

Not being a TV fan, I did not spend time at SEMA tracking the progress that Chip foose made on his project. However, it seems like other people did. When I caught a “red eye” home on Saturday night, that was the big topic of discussion in the airport and on the plane. People were asking, “Did Foose finish the Ford?”

That got me interested in whether the car was finished during the show, but I heven’t had much luck finding out. Despite countless phone calls and emails to Foose and to SEMA, I have not received any information. That’s why I decided to “blog up” this question and see if any of you know “Did Foose finish the ’54?”

If you have the answer, please tell me. I’m really anxious to know.


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