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I was just about ready to drag my MG Magnette off to a body shop when my mechanic friend Vince Sauberlich came by last night.  Vince thinks we should do everything on the car ourselves, even if I have to buy a sandblaster, a bigger air compressor, an Eastwood powder coating outfit and a rotisserie and then put 220-amp service in my shop to run it all.

I was thinking that a body shop could just get the job done.  I would not have to invest a lot of money in equipment.  I would not have to learn new skills.

Vince felt another way.  He said he’s seen a lot of cars sit around shops for long periods of time before they get done.  I think he wants to see this job through all the way.

What’s your opinion? I’d like to hear some real life experiences.  You can tell us by clicking “Comments” below and writing in what you did or went through. Thanks. — Gunner

2 thoughts on “DIY

  1. Michael Fowler

    I like the "did it all myself" approach. Its the one place where I can shine in a hobby that being increasingly influenced by guys with deep pockets. Besides, there is an extra measure of pride as people look thru the photo album of the restoration that you display with the car ( you do display the step-by-step photos, don’t you?)

  2. John Gunnell

    I think you’re right. There are two things I really like about the idea of doing it myself. First, I have control over the project in regards to cost, scheduling, care of the car, etc. Secondly, I learn new skills and develop confidence in my ability to complete a job. I am no longer afraid to jump into repairs on which I used to procrastinate. And if I buy some tools and equipment, then I have the stuff to use the next time.
    I’m not one to do the display thing, though I always appreciate seeing other people’s displays. I take pictures to write articles about my projects, but once the car is done, my goal is to drive the wheels off of it. — Gunner


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