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Ethanol Fuel And Old Cars Don't Mix

Glenn Lenhart of Glenn’s MGs in Tampa, Fla. (one of the best British sports car shops around), warns, “We are starting to have ethanol gas problems here.”

According to Lenhart, there’s been a rash of sticky fuel pump valves and sticky carburetor inlet valves. One old car had a few gallons of old fuel in the tank when Ethanol fuel was added and that caused the new gas to “Act like glue,” says Glenn.

“If you have to use ethanol, the tank must be drained of the old style BMTE fuel,” Glenn warns. “I am still researching the problem and most of the good information is coming from the boating industry.”

Glenn says that all cars serviced at his shop will now be having fuel injection hoses installed anywhere that there is an old style rubber hose. He will also put a gas additive into each car. Supposedly, it will keep E10 ethonol fuel fresh for up to a year.

Glenn says there’s more info at:

One thought on “Ethanol Fuel And Old Cars Don't Mix

  1. Mike Slechta

    I’ve been saying this about the ethanol blended fuel since it was introduced. I must have accidentially put the blend in my ’36 Buick 80C & have had nothing but problems with it since. I’ve replaced/rebuilt fuel pumps, carbs & several fuel filters. When I opened the filters, they were plugged with a slime the consistancy of "Elmer’s Glue" with a distinct rust color to it. I blamed the rust color on the ethanol (alchol) freeing up any rust that was in the tank, but didn’t have the slightest idea what was causint the slime. Now I know. What are the names of some additives I can use to keep the ethanol fresh? Also, when I went to the West Marine site suggested I got: "We’re sorry for the inconvenience. You are trying to access a product page that no longer exists.
    This product may be discontinued". Any help with that too?
    I really wish "they" would not have shoved the blended fuel down our throats without any warning.


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