Gunners Garage


The British Motor Trade Assocation ( had a full slate of activities planned for us in Daytona, Fla. on the second day of the annual conference. Things kicked off with an all-British car show, and of course I drove my ’89 Caprice cop car right into the middle of it. Suddenly, everyone was flapping like a chicken to tell me I had to move to the remote parking lot. No problem. About 36 cars made it to the show, including a rare fiberglass-bodied Turner and a Morgan trike. We got a real kick out of the Minis squeezing into tight parking spaces and really liked the MGB with a 2.8-liter GM V-6 engine conversion. That might turn into something we’ll start offering at Gunner’s Great Garage. With all the car owners around, the two seminars given during the show were packed. Joe Curto did a tech session on SU carbs and Tim Mcnair of Grand Prix Concours Preparation gave a seminar on detailing that Prudence Pots would be proud of.


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