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Fun, fun, fun until Daddy takes the 'Vette Away

Well Blog users, I sure had a great weekend at the Bloomington Gold ( Corvette show.  Now. I’m not a ‘Vette owner and I always had a view of ‘Vette enthusiasts as people who like glitter, shine and “numbers-matching” perfection.  Anyone who knows me knows that’s pretty far from where I’m at and that’s why Bloomington Gold surprised me.  One of the first people I ran into was Mike Yager of Mid America Motorworks ( who was talking to Keith Martin, publisher of Sports Car Market magazine.  Mike was telling Keith that he sees a new trend evolving in the ‘Vette hobby where having fun with your car is taking precedence over how perfect the car’s condition is and how much it’s worth.  “Let’s say you’re at this Bloomington Gold Mecum auction and two midyear Corvettes cross the block,” said Mike. “The first one is perfection and will bring $125,000 and the second one is in everyday driver shape with the wrong engine, but runs good and you can buy it for $27,000.  Well, you can buy that car, keep some money in your pocket and have a lot of fun just driving it and driving it.”  I can’t help thinking that Mr. Yager is on the right track here and if the growth of his Corvette Funfest event in Effingham, Illinois is any indication, other people feel the same way.  Funfest 2007 will be September 21-23 and more than 12,000 Corvettes are expected to be there.  They’ll be treated to a weekend of fun, fun, fun and a concert by Three Dog Night.  I think the hobby needs more funfests, but since there’s only one right now, check if you want more info on it.


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