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Gas Crisis

Gas prices are all I’m hearing about at car shows this year.  It seems like we all have to adjust to the fact that our gas guzzlers and muscle cars may be a little less desirable than they were last year or the year before.  That doesn’t mean that car enthusiasts have to stop going to shows and events.  Keep the big collector car in the garage or take it to local shows only.  Then go out to the next car corral or auction and start looking for a collector car that gets 25 to 30 mpg.  They do exist and they are available.  Imported cars are one option.  Cars made in countries like England, France or Italy were designed to use less gas.  And there are very interesting variations from sports cars to sedans to station wagons.  American automakers also produced cars that were good on gas. If you like them small, you can opt for a Crosley, a Hudson Jet, a Henry J or an Aero-Willys.  If you need a little more room, take a look at the Nash 600, an entry-level 1950 Plymouth, almost any Kaiser or a Studebaker Champion.  After all, they didn’t call the later Champs “Scotsman” models for nothing.  For an all around great combination of size, economy and convenient travel to shows, try the Corvair, Falcon or Valiant.  Like I say, there are economical collector cars and we should all be buying at least one before the prices go wild.

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4 thoughts on “Gas Crisis

  1. John Gunnell

    We did the Standard Catalog of AMC

    I do not think it had my name on it. Someone else compiled it. The book is no longer available. Sometimes older copies in very good condition show up in the "hurt books" tent at the Iola Old Car Show.

  2. Patrick Costello

    6-5-07 3:30 p.m. It is hard for me not to get annoyed everytime I think about the high price of gas. The people who have to drive a big gas guzzling pick up or SUV have created a situation similar to 25-30 years with the first gas crisis. It is said that 75% of the people driving these guzzleers have no real need for such.

    I own a 66 Mustang GT convertible withe 289 4 barrel carb. It is a gas guppler to say the least. I really like the car, the dual exhaust and the modest rumble it makes when accelerating. The main reason I got it was the value of the high performance is such that allowed me to invest the money needed to do a complete restoration. I would have preferred a six cylinder with a 4 speed.

    In 2005 I was in the Car Corral at Iola on Sunday and came across a 64 VW Beetle convertible. This is my answer to the high gas prices. I bought it on the spot and have enjoyed it since. All my five grown children prefer the VW to the Mustang, it is "totally cool" according to them.

    I consider myself very fortunate to have the best of both worlds, the VW and the gas guzzler Mustang.


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