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Good Business

I was reading Auto Trim and Restyling News magazine ( over the weekend and read a How-To-Run-Your-Business column that might be of interest to supplier companies in the old-car hobby.  It involved a trimmer who installed leather interiors. 

This shop discovered a product that was particularly good for taking care of leather and started giving each customer who has a leather interior done a free sample.  The sample comes in a small container with the shop’s name and phone on the label.  The customer can also come back to the shop for a free refill of the product. 

The shop has found that many customers who come back for free samples end up ordering more trim services.   In fact, this method of promotion has been a big success. 

If you have any other good business ideas for old-car hobby vendors, feel free to send them to this blog and we’ll post them so the word gets out. Just use the “comments” link below to reach me.




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