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If you can figure out a way to get signed up for a monthly magazine called Undercar Digest, do it. It is one of those free-circulation publications that’s produced for people in the trade. So if you own a repair shop, a muffler shop, a brake shop, etc., you qualify to get Undercar Digest. If you don’t own a such a business, but you take your car to a shop for repairs, maybe they can qualify for a subscription and share it with you. Every issue of Undercar Digest has good how-to information and plenty of stories about old cars. A recent article focused on Brake and Equipment Warehouse in Minneapolis, a business that anyone needing old-car brake parts should know about. In recent issues, longtime old-car parts supplier Fred Kanter has been penning a column about car collecting. I signed up to get a subscription at last year’s SEMA Show and I’ve enjoyed reading Undercar Digest ever since. You can get information about Undercar Digeast at



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