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Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

Audi’s quattro GmbH line of lifestyle items and accessories is no offering the Auto Union Type C pedal car. This toy isn’t likely to show up on the shelf at your local dollar store. It features an aluminum space frame, aluminum body work, leather interior trim, dual-disc hydraulic brakes, a removable steering wheel and spoked wheels. Audi plans to build only  999 units. Want to bet the 1,000 one is sitting in some executive’s office? The “toy” can be ordered from Audi’s U.S. importer who also has pricing information which isn’t being publicized. “If you gotta ask, you can’t afford it,” is the convetional wisdom in play here. However, the amount you save in gas might offset the price. No one, including Audi, knows how many of these it will sell, but rumors are the unsold examples are going to be saved to use as “loaners” when Audi owners bring their real Audi in for repairs. When they put that into effect, it will be called the “healthy, wealthy and wise service program.”


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