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Hobby Is Heading To A New Level in 2008

My senses tell me the old-car hobby is heading to a new level in 2008. This isn’t just corporate hype. In fact, I don’t even work for the corporation anymore. I can tell it straight and the worst they can do is take my blog away. And if you give me lots of your comments this year, the computers will tell them this is the most active blog and they’ll put up with me. (How’s that for a deal?)

Getting back to this “new level” prediction, think of it. We’ve got some great Arizona auctions to kick start the year. We’ve got the Great Race folks going around the world for the first time. AROUND THE WORLD! That ain’t like around the block, you know! We got a big Impala-in-the-barn auction coming up, plus a Mecum Auction with three serial no. 1 ‘Vettes. Then we have the 100th Anniversary of the Model T Ford in July and the 105th Anniversary of Harley-Davidson in August. I hear that Bloomington Gold has a special theme planned to shake up Corvette fans in June. And today I got a call from Joe Bortz telling me that his GM Factory Dream Cars are going to be the center of attraction at Pebble Beach. I guess GM is taking the cars there to make its own centennial very special.

The world’s got a lot of problems – wars, elections, $100-a-barrel oil, bad weather, global warming, terrorism – you name it. But the old-car world is like the little town of Perfect in the Walgreen’s commercials. Only good things lie ahead. And we’re taking all the good stuff to a new level!  



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