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Do you know what really “frosts” me?  When I know a local show is coming up and I look in Old Cars Weekly for the event information and it isn’t there.  How do the promoters expect me to find their event if they don’t bother sending the details to us?  Some people think we go after the listings, but that’s not possible.  There’s so many events we could spend 40 hours a week on that and there wouldn’t be any stories in OCW.  That’s why the shows need to send their listings in. While we don’t write the show calendar, we do give the space away for free.  That’s right, the show calendar is the “home of the free.”  If your club, or organization or even your business has a car event coming up, send your listing in right now.  A timely listing could be the difference between a barn-burner and a flop.

One thought on “Home of the Free

  1. Patrick Costello

    I totally agree. This weekend, June 10th is the Allouez Car Show at Green Isle Park. I had to do some digging to find out when it is. Chrysler World in Abrams is having their car show 5th year on Sat., Sept 15th. I told them before to geet it in Old Cars, I wll remind them again.


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