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Hoop-De-Doo – What A Cool Tool

You may remember a few months ago we were asking for advice on purchasing a car restoration rotisserie.   During the Iola Old Car Show we saw Stephanie Kielian of Lincoln, Nebraska, standing on the back of a trailer, spining a Pantera body around like it was on a roulette wheel.  The Ford-built sports car was actually rigged up in the RollerHoop, a unique device thatStephanie’s husband Doug is building and marketing. Even if you’re not into restoration work or tools, you just have to see this cool piece of equipment.  Can you imagine something that flips over a car so simply and easily that your daughter, wife or girlfriend could do it all day in the hot sun? To get a look at the RollerHoop just visit The pictures on the website will show you this cool tool. Check it out and let me know what you think. Just click the “comments” link to give me your opinion.

2 thoughts on “Hoop-De-Doo – What A Cool Tool

  1. Doug Kielian

    Thanks for the posting of our new rotisserie, we sure had a great time up in Wisconsin and look foward to next years event, and maybe a prime location to once agian display the Roller Hoop rotisserie on our 1 year anaversery for it’s release. we had dinner with "Speedy" Bill and Joyce Smith of Speedway Motors and they to are planning on atending Iola 08

  2. Greg O

    Teriffic Idea. I have seen it demo’d at a show. Very helpful tool makes it easy to work on cars yourself with out having to have someone or two help you turn the regular rotisserie. The RollerHoop you can stop it anywhere you want to work on easily with one brake in any of the four corners
    This is a true body rotation system.
    Every professional shop should have several and everyone else that plays in the restoration field should have at least one


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