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Idea For A "Best Seller"

Someone should write a book about how to store parts when you’re disassembling a car for restoration.  I am currently in the middle of such a job.  I have some parts stored in plastic food bags, some stored in plastic “leftover” containers and some stored in cardboard boxes.  Everyday I search the backroom at work looking for the “right” sized boxes to keep parts in.  Most mechanical parts it’s easy to find booxes for, but the door trim, window moldings, and wooden window garnish moldings are the problem.  I thought mailing tubes might work, but they are not wide enough to fit all the parts in.  And separating the parts won’t work, because the plan is to keep parts from one assembly all together.  So I wish someone would write a book about where to get the right boxes to store parts for an auto restoration.  It would probably be a best seller.

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