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When did re-assembling a car become “building” a car? That’s what I want to know. I thought the people who built the car were the factory workers who started with a bucket of parts and turned it into a car. Restorers take the parts apart and put them back together. I think it would be more accurate to say that they are fixing a car than building a car. Yet “building” is the word you hear again and again these days. And don’t even get me started on building an interior . . .

5 thoughts on “IF YOU BUILD IT

  1. Larry Clutterbuck

    I would have to agree with John Gunnell’s thoughts of why do people say they BUILT the vehicle when they simply took it apart, made some repairs and painted it then put it back together. Now I would say if you do the same thing as mentioned above with some modern modifications to make the vehicle more responsive to today’s driving habits and improved road conditions we have, then I would say “fair enough, you have built the vehicle”.
    Even CUSTOM body modifications that you design (not store bought parts) when adding the to the vehicle
    “you can say you BUILT IT”. EG. chop roof, wider fenders, rumble seats, creating a rag top car. These modification can have you say you BUILT IT.

    Well, that is the opinion of our company Barnfinds. We take a vehicle from days gone by, make some changes that have it looking and run different than the day it was delivered from the manufacturer.

    From one car enthusiast to another.
    Larry Clutterbuck

    1. John Gunnell Post author

      Larrty – Thanks for the support onthis one. I just don’t think that fixing a vehicles is the same as remanufacturing it, unless possibly when a restorer refabricates nearly every part.

      1. Larry Clutterbuck

        OK John, So we say that one would have to re manufacture nearly every part. Well, that said most would not be able to say they have BUILT IT. This is a very strong argument that could be seen many different ways. How would we measure the amount of changes that would fall into the category of “I BUILT IT”. I would have to say that if changes are made to a vehicle that the general public can see is different from the original body or drive train, then it would fall into the I BUILT it category.

        The original classic car followers, just cringe when they see a vehicle messed with. But we say that is why they have menu’s in a restaurant, many people like a change or something different.

        Larry Clutterbuck

  2. Fran Bilderback

    You could build a Mustang, 57 Chev rag top and others from catalogs, but most people just pick out some parts and write a check for the car they had put together in someones shop by someone else.


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