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Imperial Palace Auto Collection stays in the Quad

The Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas has been renamed the Quad. The Auto Collection housed there will remain part of the renamed hotel. “Caesar’s Entertainment (the hotel owner) told us we’re going to be here for a long time,” said Auto Collection manager Rob Williams.

The front of the hotel has been under construction . When the project is done, a new entrance should increase traffic to the Auto Collection that takes up the fifth floor of the hotel’s parking garage. “We expect daily attendance to zoom from 600 per day to between 1,000-2,000.” Said Williams.

Rob Williams has been selling cars at the Auto Collections at the Imperial Palace since the change to a collector car dealership took place in 1999. He is expecting big changes and sales increases in 2013.

The original Imperial Palace Auto Collection opened in 1981 and was converted into The Auto Collection at the Imperial Palace in 1999. It became a collector car dealership which at its peak sold one car per day on average.

Williams says current sales vary because of the weak economy. “One month we sell 15-20 cars and another we sell three or four,” he noted. Williams expects sales to climb as the new Quad identity creates more traffic.

Williams’ experience is sure to help him during the transition to the Auto Collection in the new Quad Hotel & Casino. There’s every reason to think that 2013 will be a record year for the biggest collector car store in Vegas.


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2 thoughts on “Imperial Palace Auto Collection stays in the Quad

  1. george123

    If what you say is true then why did they lay of most of their staff earlier this year?

    Also, most of the time you go in to the showroom you could throw a rock from end to end and not hit one person. As well most of the cars that are on the floor have been there forever(since the opening of “The Auto Collections”) with very little new inventory.

    And as far as “Williams’ experience…”(by the way great punctuation for a writer) he couldn’t sell a glass of water to a man dying of thirst. I hope they have not banked their future success on him as it will surely guarantee their demise!

  2. george123

    First of all if this was true why did they lay off over half of their staff earlier this year.

    Also at any given time if you go into the showroom you could throw a rock from end to end and not hit one person. As well many of the cars on the floor are the same as when they open under the new venue. The inventory has very little change and is not what is being bought and sold in the industry these days.

    And I quote “Williams’ experience is sure to help him during the transition…”. Williams could not sell a glass of water to man dying of thirst let alone his daddy’s cars. If the company is banking on him to lead them forward they are headed for their demise.

    My apologizes for my earlier comment about your punctuation you were correct.


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