Gunners Garage

Iola Old Car Show – Thursday – Quick Rundown

Gas prices hurt. Everyone agrees the crowd was down at Iola on Thursday. So was the number of cars and the number of vendors. However, the quality of cars is VERY GOOD this year. If you haven’t come to the show yet and you live nearby, this is one not to miss. The “ragtops and roadsters” show theme really pulled some great vehicles like a yellow Hudson ragtop, a ’58 Buick Limited ragtop and a Chrysler T & C convertible. Also noted were two Nash-Healeys, a rare Playboy, a TVR roadster, an Amphicar and a Cougar Eliminator. Swap meet is loaded with many prewar vehicles, especially Fords. How about a midget racer with a tiny V-8 60 flathead in the swap meet? There are many new scooters for sale and also some used ones priced as low as $450. Speaking of prices, vendors are letting stuff go cheap. Good buys to be had everywhere. There’s also a great batch of prewar pretties near the south side of the garage building. There’s a 30s-something Nash coupe that’s really a pretty car. Remainder books are available for $5 per softcover in the book tent. Due to slow sales, there are plenty of good titles left. Everyone is riding around the swap meet on scooters, motor bikes and pedal bikes. There are many motorcycles parked in vending spaces that aren’t for sale. The vendors or their helpers rode in on them to save gas. Couple of nice trucks around, such as a ’67 Dodge “Camper Special” wih a period Del Rey camper (made in Elkhart, Ind.) on the back. If gas is on your minfd, you can buy a Slant-Six powered 1976 Plymouth “Feather Duster” for just $3,800. All in all, the 2008 show is very enjoyable. Some really great cars, no lines and plenty of excellent buys on cars and parts.


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