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A few years ago we were promised “change” and i guess it has happened, because I used to sell about $22,000 worth of stuff a year on eBay and now I’m down to about $3,000. That’s change, but it isn’t good.

Honestly. i used to sell about six books a day. Now I sell no books and might sell one car part every six days.

You can “Keep the change.”

As for tried and true things that don’t change, my tiny little ad in OLD CARS WEEKLY each wekk gets me lots of phone calls from potential customers. In fact, the ad showing my ’36 Pontiac was getting me so many calls from Pontiac owners, I decided to run a second ad with an MG in it.

Pontiacs and MGs are the cars I specialize in and I have a feeling that if I’m going to suceed with serving these markets, the business is going to come from OCW and not from the latest “change.”


  1. Bill Harris

    Been trying to reach you using your e-mail address in the POCI roster, no luck. I have an inquiry from a ’48 Pontiac owner, regarding translating the string of letters following the “ACC” entry on his firewall data plate. In his case the sequence is: AKYCXH. Can you help me out here?

    Hope to catch your seminar at the POCI Convention. Having been at the first one, I plan to attend the 40th with the same old car… Bill Harris

    1. John Gunnell Post author


      Sorry. I do not monitor the OCW comments. My email is and my website is I have very little literature on 1948 Pontiacs and nothing that tells me the meaning of those accessory codes.

      I went to a swap meet aat the Imdiana state Fairgrounds last Sunday and there was a ’48 Pontiac streamliner coupe for sale.

      I’ll see you in St. Charles.

  2. john zaleski

    I hear You. I am a retail appliance dealer in a 70+ year establishment. At one point I had 12 collector cars. I now only have four as I can’t deal w/ upkeep as I did. Needless to say, they were sold at give away prices as business is now on a month to month basis.


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