Gunners Garage


The ball has already dropped in Times Square, but here in the Midwest i still have 35 minutes left to enter my last blog of the year and make some predictions for 2009. Here goes:

1-  Collector values will drop 15 % overall, but be on the rebound by fall

2-  Some of the Concours d’Elegance events will loose sponsorships

3-  Companies that fight for a bigger piece of the pie will keep it later

4-  Low prices will spur some extra buying from long-term collectors

5-  The prewar car market will positively surprise everyone this year

6-  It will be a big year for Hudson, which celebrates its 100th birthday

7-  The 100th anniversary of Indianapolis Motor Speedway will loom large

8-  Camaro and Challenger interest will boom thanks to throwback models

9-  Vintage motorcycle collecting will continue its upward trend

10- Small businessmen (including hobby vendors) will save the economy

Hit me back in December and let me know how I did.



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