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"Little Buck" Auction Coming

You hear a lot of complaints about how “Big Buck Auctions” are ruining the old-car hobby.  That seems to be the motivation behind the “Little Buck” auction coming up in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday April 28.  The spark plug behind the sale is Mike Harper, who says his wife really wouldn’t understand it if he paid $2.13 million for a 289 Cobra. “But she might let me live if I bought a nice-running Z-car or Fiat 124 Spider project for about $3,000,” he adds.

It seems Mike is a car nut and he’s also in the real-estate auction business. So now he is planning his “Little Buck” auction.

I’ll tell you what . . . if everyone who says they were turned off by the high-dollar sales goes to Mike’s venue, he might prove to the world — at least the car-collector world — that he has a great idea.

How do you think he’ll do?  — Gunner



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