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Long-Anticipated Arrival

Although you are reading this on the Old Cars Weekly website, my real job here in Iola is putting together automotive books.  Most folks think that when a book is finished, a few days later it rolls off the presses, but this is no longer true.  Books are usually printed overseas andshipped by boat.  So several weeks (or even months) elapse between the day you dot the last “i” and the date the books arrive.  This makes the arrival of a new book a long-anticipated occasion and today is one of them.   Our brand-new Standard Catalog of Jaguar arrived today and we think this title is going to make a hit.  Of all the cars imported to the States from England, Jaguar is certainly in a class of its own. In addition to having a “sports-car” image, Jaguar has a “luxury-car” image.  Jaguars look great, go fast and provide lots of convenience.  Collector car dealers love them because they combine prestige, power and price appreciation all in one package.

Like our other “Standard Catalogs,” the Jaguar title tells you the product history, the cars and their features, the specifications and current collector pricing.  It is simply the complete story of every Jaguar made from 1946 up.

You will find this new book on If you’re a British car lover, we urge you to check it out.


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