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Machine Shop Magic

If you’re into fixing up old cars, you probably know that a good machine shop is something you can’t get along without.  I just got a call from the machine shop that I took my battered tie rods to a few weeks ago.  The tie rods fit the front suspension of my 1957 MG Magnette sedan, a car many people are unfamiliar with.  And they were about as twisted up as you’d want to see 50-year-old parts twisted up.  I really wondered if Rex, the machinist, could even fix them, but I also knew he might be the only one who could.  And he did. Not only that, he’s going to bring them up to Iola this weekend so I can pick them up without driving 30 miles!

Rex is one of those true machine shop magicians.  I truly think he can do anything, if he sets his mind to it.  About a year ago, we were rebuilding the DuBonnet “knee-action” front suspension units on my 1936 Pontiac and it was a real challenge to find the right shop to do this special job.  In fact, we got a lot of blank stares when we showed the “knee action” units to a couple of machinests.  When we walked into Waupaca Machine Repair, Rex said, “Those are DuBonnet Knee-Actions!”  It was a sure sign we came to the right place!  Truth is, Rex is a serious hot rodder and car collector himself. So he understands what it takes to build/restore an old car.   I think that’s where his magic touch comes from.

Like many good machinist, Rex doesn’t have a Website or a blog, but you can call him at 715-258-7200 if you ever need a machine shop magician’s help.


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