Gunners Garage


The owner’s manual for my MGTF calls it a ” Midget,” but to most people the MG Midget first came out in 1961, which makes it 50 years old. That’s “young” for a car and the “Spridget” club I spoke to last Monday evening reflects this. That term is a combination of Sprite and Midget, since the ’61 Midget was a badge-engineered Austin-Healey Sprite. Both of these cars are relatively inexpensive, which gives them special appeal to younger hobbyists. Too bad we don’t have more vintage cars that are cheap to buy and inexpensive to operate, such as a Spridget. As I drive around I meet many young people who never heard of an MG. So it’s nice to know that those in the Spridget club “get it.” these are the perfect cars for entry level hobbyists and this no dues/no meetings club is perfect for them.


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