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I just got off the phone with CeCelia Bruce (, who I’m going to nickname “Ms. MGA.”  I was ordering engine parts for an MG Magnette sedan, which has the same 1500-cc engine as early MGA sports cars.  CeCeilia’s knowledge of both models is amazing.  Since ordering engine parts is never an “exact science,”  CeCeilia has made up a little checklist that makes the process easy.  It lists every item needed in a typical rebuild and indicates how many of each you need.  After a couple of phone calls, I was totally convinced that CeCeilia was the right person to ask for help.

By the way, if you’re restoring a Marmon, rather than an MGA, you may still want to give CeCeilia a call.  She told me that she was surprised by an order from a man who wanted two sets of MGA pistons.  Turns out he was restoring an eight-cylinder 1930 Marmon and somehow found out that his car takes exactly the same size piston as an MGA. Using the MG pistons in the Marmon requires a bit of machining to fit the wrist pins properly, but apparently it works and the MG pistons are a lot cheaper than a set for a Marmon.


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