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No More Smelly Gas Stick

YAHOO! No More Smelly Gas Stick

An MG-TD parts car I purchased in Kewaskum, Wisconsin last summer came with an aluminum fuel level check stick in the gas tank. It was beautifully designed to sit in the collar under the gas cap of MG TD and MG TF models. The collar keeps it from rattling and holds it in place so you don’t need to carry a wooden stick. The beautiful aluminum rod is bent to the contour of the MG TD/MG TF fuel tanks. It is marked to measure up to 14 gallons.

Yahoo! No more smelly wooden gas stick dripping on the carpets! We decided to manufacture and market this item. We heard that similar tools made in the past sold for $89. We are offering this for $72.95 including shipping to your location in the United States. Overseas shipping is additional and depends on location. Send payment to Gunner’s Great Garage. Email

So far, I have sold 15 of these and every buyer has been satisfied, including customers in Canada, England, Austrailia and France. I own two TDs and a TF myself and I have one of these in both of my cars.

We are currently restoring five T Series in our little shop, including a TD Mark II and a TF 1250. We would be happy to restore your T Series car. Gunner’s Great Garage,


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