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Old Cars Weekly Beats the Internet with Bugatti Tale

Dr Harold Carr died in June 2007 at age 89. He was a childless bachelor, but not exactly penniless. In his garage was a Type 57S Bugatti Atlante (one of just 17 made), an E-Type Jag and an Aston-Martin. The vehicles were left locked in the garage and had been willed to his nephews and nieces. They have decided to put the Bugatti, which has not been driven since 1960, up for auction at Bonhams’ Retromobile sale in Paris on February 7.

The auction company caused some excitement this past weekend with stories in British newspapers that were picked up by Yahoo and scattered all over the Web. I guess with the bad economy, everyone loves to hear a rags-to-riches story. In one report, Dr. Carr’s nephew was quoted as saying,  “We just cannot believe it was there. No one had any idea what kind of cars he had parked in there. We knew he had some cars, but we had no idea what they were.”

Just to set the record straight, the existence of this Bugatti had been written up in Old Cars Weekly quite a while ago. And though the doctor’s relatives may not realize it, the existence of the car was also known to members of the Bugatti Club. We’re sure there are other cars in barn stories, but if you want to hear them first, remember that Old Cars Weekly beat the Intenet on this one!


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