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Old Tractors

A lot of old-car collectors are also fans of old tractors.  I have not owned an old tractor yet, but I’m currently editing a book about John Deere tractors that will be out soon. It is called Anatomy of a John Deere and it will be a coffeetable type book with great photography.  The author is Doug Mitchel.  About 40 tractors will be shown in the book and as the “anatomy” part of the title suggests, lots of them are cool detail shots.  The tractors in the book range from a rather spindly-looking 1928 model up to a gigantic 1972 articulated tractor with eight tires and a fully-enclosed cab.  Since I’ve never worked on a book like this one before, I guess I’m wondering how many of you folks out there collect old tractors.  In a couple of weeks, I’ll let you know what kind of response I get on this. — Gunner

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