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Here is some information about an event definitely worth seeing:

Magnificent Motor Car Exhibition

Saturday, August 09, 2008   9 am-6 pm More than 100 automobiles from the 1890-1940 period will be shown and judged. The event includes special demonstrations showing how a Ford Model T can be completely disassembled and rebuilt in less than an hour. The Model T demonstrations will take place twice in the circus ring of the Hippodrome building.

Ticket Info: Adults $14.95, children 5-11 $7.95, senior citizens (65 and older) $12.95

Location Info: Venue: Circus World Located on the grounds of the original Ringling Bros. Circus winter quarters, a National Historic Landmark

550 Water Street
Baraboo, WI

Contact Info: E-mail:
Phone: Toll free 866-693-1500


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