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My son Jesse and I are traveling across the country to visit his grandmother on the East Coast. We are at a motel in Sandusky, Ohio tonight and Jesse is having fun perusing old car listings on the Internet. Some cars he’s found include a ’56 Chrysler Imperial Southhampton coupe, a 1962 Mercury Commuter station wagon, a ’60 Lincoln MK V Hess & Eisenhardt Town Car, a ’60 Buick Electra convertible and other similar cars. He calls them “Real American Cars!” I think he has good taste for a 29-year-old. Do you agree?

One thought on “REAL AMERICAN CARS

  1. C'let


    Your son, Jesse has very good taste in automobiles. Perhaps, sometime in his future he will be able to have a really cool collection of his own.

    Good luck to Jesse and yourself.


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