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Salvage Yards Aren't For Me

Like a Tri-Power ’59 Cadillac that can’t pass a filling station without stopping, Old Cars weekly auction editor Ron Kowalke can’t pass a junkyard without taking a picture of some rotting hulk that no collector in his right mind would take parts off of.  Not me!  Junk is not my cup of tea and while I’ve visited a few interesting yards, it usually hasn’t been worth the time, effort or money to even stop. I often wind up ruining my shoes with mud, getting stung by a maddened hornet (which I really hate) or spending three times what I should have for a part that didn’t fit.  Give me an NOS piece or a good reproduction anyday.  I like picking up a catalog and ordering parts or buying stuff through a mail-order vendor like Sammy at Northwestern ( who I really trust.  Also, there’s nothing like getting a company such as egge ( or  rare parts ( to rebuild or remake a used part for you so it’s just like new.  I’m just not interested in crawling all over some bug-infested remains to pay big bucks for something that may or may not work when I get it home. As far as I’m concerned, real car collectors use junkyards only as a last resort.


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