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Saved From the Scrap Heap?

A few days ago I “blogged” about original cars and got one response from a man who was hoping he could fix the car he currently owns and loves, even though it’s not a high-dollar classic.  That made mw wonder how many of the cars we consider “collector cars” today were saved from the scrap heap at some time in their life.  Did that shiny Oldsmobile you’re driving to shows once have threadbare seats and a broken window?  Did that pretty Plymouth you own desparately need a new transmission 25 years ago?  Did your De Soto take a trip to the engine rebuilder back in the ’70s?  I think a lot of cars reach that point where an owner has to decide whether it’s “worth saving.”  In many cases, the turning point comes when a car has absolutely no “book value” left and yet someone  decides it’s worth fixing  It takes a lot of love to spend more on a car than the Blue Book says it’s worth, but that’s what turns many old cars into classic cars. Saving old iron is what this hobby is all about!


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