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You might have thought I was on vacation, because it’s been a week since I posted anything. It seems like I’ve been slacking off, but nothing could be further than the truth. The last posting was Friday July 27. The next day Linda and I hopped in the ’53 Pontiac (we didn’t even have time to wash it) and drove 100 miles or so to Sheboygan for a picnic sponsored by the Wisconsin Region of the Classic Car Club of America. We had fun there checking out the host’s 1930 Pierce-Arrow Series B Victoria Coupe, which is a match for Jay Leno’s car except for slight color differences. On Sunday I worked at home all day on a book called Chevrolet Pickups 1973-1998 that I’m trying hard to put the wraps on. It’s the sequel to a book I did 20 years ago and I hope it sells like that one did. Early in the work week I had to crank out proposals for three new books, which is no easy job and I took some flak from my boss about going over on the photo budget on our Mike Yager Corvette Bible that’s coimng out soon. (Hey Paul, we had to spend extra to make sure these folks get a great book). Wednesday night was the Burger King Cruise Nite and it was a good one. Then last night we tuned the MG TF, which hasn’t been running good for the past 3-4 weeks. It was frustrating as nothing seemed to smooth it out and the front carb ran rich no matter what we did. But, then ace mechanic Vince Sauberlich saw the obvious staring us right in the face. A big piece of the carb gasket had broken and was hanging out, between the carb and carb manifold, and hanging there right in front of our noses. We made a new gasket and put it in and the car started running fine. We did find a big (I mean huge) piece of the distributor cap broken off and missing! The car still runs well without it, but maybe not on a rainy day. Well have to call up Sammy at Northwestern Auto Supply ( and see if he has another cap in his huge hoarde of old parts. We also found a hairline crack in one of the “spark plug nuts” (like a plug boot on American cars) and Moss Motors ( sells that. Today, I gotta try to finish that Chevy truck book. Check out to find out more about it.


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