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Doug Fehan, the manager of Corvette Racing, confirmed to reporters that the Corvette C6.R will start the 2010 season with a brand-new 5.5-liter V-8 engine. Some observers believe the smaller engine is a harbringer of future changes for the production Corvette. The new engine is ready to go. GM has called it “a 5.5-liter production-based small-block V8.” It will be put together at GM’s Performance Build Center where ZR1 and Z06 engines are built. It uses E85R ethanol racing fuel.

One thought on “SMALLER VETTE V-8 COMING?

  1. Dean

    There are rumors out there that the base Corvette engine will be in the mid- to high-4 liter range. The 5.5 liter engine will probably be for the Z06. I have heard that they are working on direct fuel injection for the LSx V8’s, I would expect that to debut sometime in the next couple of years. The base engine may have cylinder deactivation like the truck engines do.


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