Gunners Garage


The New England MG T Register’s 31st annual “Gathering of the Faithful” was held in Sheboygan, Wis., Sept. 14-17. The event attracted 90 MGs and a smattering of other British cars such as an HRG and a Morgan. There was about a half dozen prewar MGs, including a timy leather-bodied “M” and a large, six-cylinder L1 Magna that started life as a police car, even though it has a 4-place, open touring body. The event was hosted by the Blue Harbor Resort & Conference Center, which has a nautical theme. It sits on the shore of Lake Michigan, which provided a great backdrop for the Tuesday morning car show. The “gathering” also adopted a nautical/navigator theme. This had the MG fans playing car games such as tossing plastic rings over the mast of a blow-up pirate ship and catching fish that were worth various points. The venue also included tours to local attractions, track time at nearby Road America and the meetings and banquets.


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