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Taco Tuesday – Or Something Like That

“Taco Tuesday” is a popular promotion for restaurant patrons across the contry, but for me the big day of the week is Thursday, when Old Cars Weekly comes out. Even though I’m a book editor working in a different part of the building, when Thursday arrives you’ll find me hoovering around the Old Cars Weekly cubicles so I can grab the latest issue before the ink dries. I think Angelo does a great job picking interesting stories to read, but like most collectors, I go to the Classifieds first to see what’s for sale this week. Some ads are always the same, but there’s always a gem if you read carefully. In the summer, the car show listings are another popular-with-me feature. After I leave here at the end of the year, I’m sure going to miss Taco Tuesday . . . I mean Old Cars Thursday.

One thought on “Taco Tuesday – Or Something Like That

  1. Karen O'Brien

    I’m also guilty of hovering over Angelo’s desk the day the issue comes back from the printer, and he’s a pretty good sport about it. My dad’s a long-time subscriber, but his issue won’t arrive until Saturday (we figure the mailman takes a look through it first), so every now and then I’ll call on a Friday night and tell him something I’ve read in Tom Brownell’s Q&A column. Dad’s impressed until I confess that I already have my issue!


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