Gunners Garage


Has it already been four years since my last day at OLD CARS WEEKLY? I really haven’t slowed down enough to think about that very much. In fact, I am writing more than I ever did, I am traveling more than I used to, I have added a few cars and a bunch of motorcycles to my collection and I opened a small restoration shop where I’m currently working on a 1961 Daimler SP250 and a 1940 Dodge pickup truck. Over the three decades that I was working at OCW, many hobbyists told me that their old-car projects helped keep them young. Now, I believe it. I just have too much to do to get old.

One thought on “TALES OF 40 YEARS # 40 – LAST 4 YEARS

  1. Bob Benzing

    Loved reading about Gunner’s Garage in your recent article. Yes I agree that keeping active with classic cars is a valuable tool to keep you mind and body sharp. I retired 8 years ago (now 68 years young). I have been writing Classic Car articles for the past 5 years for our local newspaper and enjoy the comments from my readers each week. I am told that it is the most popular column in the newspaper has had in some time. I spice things up by having a classic car contest twice a month with guesses sent to me by my readers. Any way if I am not writing I am working on my 36′ Dodge D2. Wow….who said there is nothing to do once you retire…not me.


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