Gunners Garage


Thank goodness it’s Friday. This old car “business” will run you into the ground if you let it.

On Monday my friend Guy Morice delivered the ’75 Ford tow truck I bought on eBay.

On Tuesday I visited Dick and Ed Casar at Done-Rite Automotive in Mosinee to get help with a “Bolt-on HP” article I’m writing. If you need 50 or so extra ponies in your car or truck, visit their Website. It was the first time I ever saw a fuel-injector flow testing machine. That’s ’cause there ain’t many of them, but Done-Rite has one, plus a Super-Flo Dyno.

Wednesday morning our “Coffee Clutchers” gang went for breakfast at Doc’s Harley Davidson ( After breakfast at the Timeline Cafe we visited Doc’s muscle car museum. If your club is looking for a great weekend tour, make Doc’s your destination.

After Doc’s we visited a time-passed-it-by salvage yard in Bonduel, Wis. that’s loaded with great cars from the ’30s to the ’70s, plus a few choice newer items. When is the last time you visited a yard with two ’59 Caddys, two ’58 Chevy wagons and a ’36 Pontiac coupe stock car? No Website, but for info call Jeff Schroeder at (715) 758-8139.

Now that Friday is here, I can relax while the rest of you do your old car stuff on the weekend.


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