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There Is An Antique Car Photo Website You May Want To Visit WWW.THEOLDMOTOR.COM

There is an antique car photo website you may want to visit. David Greenlees works very hard on the content to make into an entertaining and educational experience. At the same time he’s working towards helping out with the future of automotive preservation.

The home page is a mixing pot where all photos enter in the order that they are submitt-ed. Many people enjoy this format because it is like a treasure hunt, you never know what automotive oddity or masterpiece you might see next. You can browse at will, or if you prefer a more focused visit, you can select any of the different classifications which you can see under the categories in the right hand column. You can also go to all of a par-ticular authors submissions by clicking on their name at the top of any post. All of the photographs are enlarge-able, providing that the file size is larger than the one shown on the page simply by clicking on them.

David hopes to donate a large portion of any funds that he takes in to give back and help organizations that are working to preserve our rich automotive heritage. See our give back page to see what organizations that we are working towards support-ing. To help underwrite the costs of this endeavor which are considerable, tasteful and small clickable links to vintage vehicle firms and services are in the right hand column. He welcomes any inquiries from other like firms to join us to help support the future preservation of our heritage. David also asks visitors to his Website to patronize his supporters who are of a like mind.

David also does early automobile repair and machine shop services.


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