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TV Show to Jump Start Stalled Restorations

Do you have a half finished collector car restoration project in your driveway.? Is that racer you began in the ‘80s still sitting in your back yard? If so, you might want to get your video camera out and “tune” your computer to to register for the chance to get a “Driveway Rescue.”
PowerBlock TV will offer viewers nationwide help finishing car projects they are stuck on. The PowerBlock Driveway Rescue team will visit do-it-yourselfers and get them past roadblocks. The repair procedures will be explained to viewers.
Enthusiasts interested in a Driveway Rescue can register online and submit a video and application telling the help they need on a project.
“Driveway Rescue let’s host viewers visit a retailer to get the needed parts to help them through their project and everybody wins,” said Joe St. Lawrence, executive producer at PowerBlock. Driveway Rescue will be presented in segments within other weekend shows such as HorsePower and MuscleCar.
“Driveway Rescue is all about interacting with PowerBlock fans and their projects,” said Matthew Hawkins, vice president of marketing for RTM Productions, a firm that’s been producing and distributing how-to automotive programs and commercials for over 20 years. “It’s about involvement with our audience.” RTM operates a Tech Center facility dedicated to producing high definition content for over 90 auto endemic companies. More information about RTM Production’s PowerBlock TV can be found at .

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