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Ultimate Garages – And Secret Ones, Too

At the Chevy Vettefest in Chicago two weeks ago I ran into Rhil Berg, the author of a hot-selling book called Ultimate Garages. If you’ve never seen it, Ultimate Garages is a coffeetable book (big as a coffeetable) with lavish photos of gorgeous garages. Nine out of 10 of these places are out of the reach of you and I, butwe can dream . . . and we can get ideas for our own humble auto abodes

In case you need some new ideas (who doesn’t) Phil has just brought out Ultimate Garages II. You can see it and all his other Ultimate Garages products at

A few days after seeing Phil I took a cold ride in my MG TF (it even snow showered that day) to see a fabulous collection of Jaguars, other British cars and British motorcycles. I told the owner that I had just seen Phil and that he might be working on a third Ultimate Garages book. The collector knew Phil’s first book and said he liked it, but he didn’t want his garage to be in a book or article. He preferred to enjoy his cars privately.

This made me wonder if all of those great garages that Phil has in his books are only a fraction of what’s out there? My guess is that there are more “secret” garages than their are “Secret Santas.”

What do you think?



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