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Here’s a tip that came in from my old friend Byron “Joe” Stout III down in Wichita, Kansas. Clip and paste the web address below into your Web browser (sorry, my hyper-link function isn’t working right now) and will take you to a U-Tube video that shows a mam mounting a clincher tire on a 1921 Peugeot wheel. This trick eliminates the use of tire irons that could scratch the wheel. You simply put the thin, black, plastic garbage bag over the rim and push down. The slipperiness of the bag makes the tire go on quickly and easily. You do have to put the tube inside the tire first and position the valve stem through the hole in the rim. Also, you do not cover the valve stem hole with the plastic bag. Watch the video and you’ll see how easy this technique works. Joe says he wishes that there was an equally simple way to remove the old tire!


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