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Whaddaya Call A Prewar Car Magazine?

If you were going to start a magazine for owners of prewar cars, what would you call it? That’s the question of the day around here and it is important. A snappy title can mean the difference between success or failure for a new publication. Titles should also be as short as possible, since the experts say that people will remember short titles better.

Now, I don’t want to start rumors that we’re going to be publishing a magazine on prewar cars. Getting big publishers to go into that niche is almost impossible these days. But i do know an individual who is thinking about it and I guess my feeling is that a million minds are better than one. So I’m mentioning my friend’s plight in my blog and we’ll see what happens.

Most of the time, these blogs get very little response. Too bad. It’s easy. Just click on “comments” and start writing. We would like to hear your opinion on this topic and many others. Besides, who knows? Your name might get used on the magazine. Wouldn’t that be a kick?

5 thoughts on “Whaddaya Call A Prewar Car Magazine?

  1. David Coco

    Hi- to me, the answer is in the title of your blog, and already on the internet as a net magazine, PreWarCar. If I were starting a published magazine, I would cut a deal with the owner of that site; it says it all, with the only problem being that a lot of youngsters might not know to which war it refers! Hard to think of something better, Antique Automobile is already taken by the AACA, and that term is used so loosely that it includes used cars of 25 years ago, Antique Car doesn’t work for similar reason. Good luck, David Coco, Winchester Va.

  2. Holsman

    It would be cool to bring back "The Horseless Age". That magazine is still being published, kind of, as an online trade pub. Automotive Industries: Maybe they’d hand over the rights. I think I would avoid using prewar in the title. As we pile on more wars the meaning of the World War II automobile separation may be lost, especially if the goal is to attract young people to these early cars.

  3. Joe

    Honestly I’m the type of person who should be into
    the 60’s and 70’s car, as I was a kid then. Really, I’m
    sick of them. People my age think they are cool, and
    they treat them like there special. Well you can take them
    all to the junk yard if you ask me. What’s
    cool is how and why we have these cars. It because
    of the "prewar cars". THese are "where its at" I would
    really like to see a Prewar ONLY Magazine. This would
    seperate the men from the boys. Call it something off the
    wall,, like …. "The real story" Explainasion would be
    This is the story of how we got to where we are today….
    1936 Chrysler C7

  4. Steve Hughes Raymond, NE

    I am pretty much in the same boat as 1936 Chrysler C7. I too am in the age group that should be "into" the 60s and 70s cars. To me these are just used cars. How about calling it "Real Old Cars" as this would infer not only really old, but also old as in the real thing. I used to like the quote I once heard "If it doesn’t have running boards it isn’t an old car" but with the SUVs pickups, etc these days that no longer applies. I really hope this effort gets off the ground. internet magazines are OK, but you can’t beat having something to hold in your hands and carry with you.

  5. Tom Amundson

    I too own a 56 Bel Air and two first generation Camaros but love pre war cars, mainly Fords because my Uncle got me started in the hobby and he had a Model T, Model A and a ’36 V-8. Wasn’t there a book called "The Glory Years"? I don’t know what the glory years were but I would love to see a pre war magazine cover the classics like Duesenbergs, Packards, Pierce Arrows, Studebakers just to name a few. I enjoy reading your blog at lunch time.


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