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Wheel Tax Unfair to Collectors

Listening to the radio the other day I heard about the “wheel taxes” that some Wisconsin cities are imposing to make up for lost property tax income. This is unfair to a collector who might have 10 cars, but only drives as many miles per year as the one-car driver. Why should the collector pay $100 or $200 in wheel taxes if he is not going any more miles on the highways than the man who pays $10 or $20. Taxes are inevitable, but let’s be fair with them!

One thought on “Wheel Tax Unfair to Collectors

  1. John Griffith

    I read about this in OCW but am wondering what exactly it costs to register a vehicle in Wisconsin. Do municipalities receive any funds from registration fees? In Maine, we pay our town of residence an excise tax based on the value of the vehicle. It starts out at $24 per thousand based on total MSRP less transportation cost and drops to $4 per thousand after 5 years. On a $30K vehicle, I would pay $720 in excise tax plus $35 for plates – not to mention a 5% sales tax on the net price of the vehicle (sales price less trade value). With no trade, I would pay $1500 plus $720 plus $35 to register that vehicle the first year. Pretty hefty. I know some states don’t have an “excise” tax – if Wisconsin doesn’t, then I see no problem with the “wheel” tax. With my 5 vehicles – 2 registered as antiques, I pay well over $1000 per year in taxes and registration fees.


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