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Why C3 'Vettes Are The Hot Ticket

At the Chevy Vettefest I was able to take a “barometer reading” on the Corvette hobby right now. I spoke with D & M Corvette Specialties, Pro Team, Corvette Mike, An American Classic and Valley Corvette. What the experts told me was that “regular use” Corvette sales are very slow and prices on these cars have leveled. When I asked for a definition of “regular use,” I was told it applied to most (not all) 1973 and later Vettes.

The experts said that the Shark-style C3s are getting the most attention right now. They thought this was because these cars fit the “baby boomer” market. The people who were too young to buy them in the ’70s, but dreamed about it, can now afford their dream. I think there’s also another reason. Car collecting really boomed in the ’70s, when many of these cars were near-new, and since everyone thought of ‘Vettes as one of the top collector cars, I think people put them away, instead of selling them used. So, that makes availability high.

The experts were careful to point out that rare and desirable Vettes of all eras will “always have a buyer waiting.” If you have a rare C-3, that’s probably a good place to be right now. An early ’70s LT-1 or LS6 will sell quickly and bring top dollar.

2 thoughts on “Why C3 'Vettes Are The Hot Ticket

  1. Alan Lewenthal

    The fact is that the C3 Corvette market is the next emerging market for America’s #1 Sports Car. I purchased a 1971 Corvette convertible with 4,400 documented original miles. This was a find that no one believes until they see the car in person. It is a true time capsule and it’s value increases every time it is awarded another major award from the NCRS or Bloomington.
    The C3 market is going to shoot up as fast as the 1967 market did a few years back. Get in before its too late by purchasing a nice original or well restored Corvette.

  2. John Gunnell


    I’m convinced you’re right and Ron Sass, writing in the latest issue of CORVETTE MARKET that I received by subscription today has a very good analysis of this in his Affordable Classic column, where he reviews the ’70-’72 LT-1 Corvettes very postively. Having just discussed the LT-1 with Al Wagner last Monday, I have to agree with Rob Sass (and Alo Wagner) that it’s a great car for today’s marketplace. Thanks also for responding to my blog. Ron, Angelo and I get few comments and we really look forward to networking with subscribers.


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